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Kinder PaCT Hamburg e.V. supports and accompanies seriously ill and palliative children and young people, their parents, siblings and families in crisis situations and during the final phase of their life at home. Our motto: Live together. Organize daily life. Remain a family.

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What is KinderPaCT?

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Live at home

Long stays in hospital are detrimental to existing family structures. The period of illness can extend over months or even years. We want siblings to be together, the sick child to experience quality of life and the family to feel a sense of cohesion. By working on an outpatient basis, we strengthen the family unit quite simply because we care for those affected where the center of family life is: at home!


Organize daily life

Pursuing a career, bringing up other children and maintaining a social network with friends. Normal things that are challenged in distressing situations. A structured daily life is therefore crucial for bringing routine into the tense situation. Our team is highly qualified and made up of specialists in pediatric medicine, pediatric nursing and various forms of therapy. Not only are they on call 24/7, but will also assist you with everything involved in setting up a network for effective palliative care.


Remain a family

Remaining a family means clearly addressing the challenge ahead. Just as siblings and friends try to deal with the situation, they will also be grateful if they are able to witness changes and different phases of the illness. This is only possible because affected children and young people are able to remain in their home environment. It is our understanding that this is the only way in which the family can actively take part in daily life, despite the strain they are under. KinderPaCT provides support in every life situation, even round the clock for heavily burdened families.


Offers for the whole family

Medical and nursing care

Your child does not necessarily need to be admitted to hospital every time burdensome symptoms present themselves. We can step in where needed or provide you with instructions for self-help. Such symptoms include nutritional disorders, excretion problems, vomiting, spitting up, secretion problems, recurring infections, restlessness, spasticity or breathing difficulty.

Advice on social welfare law

Legal and health care issues such as the classification of levels of care, possible financial assistance, questions about rehabilitation measures, the provision of therapeutic aids or health insurance funds – our expert, Kirsten Mainzer, will be happy to advise you and will help you with applications and inquiries.


Network building

To support you better, we will coordinate a network, e.g. consisting of care services, day care, hospices, physiotherapists, pharmacists, providers of therapeutic aids and other supporting institutions.


Music therapy

Our music therapist will come to your home with a wide selection of instruments. Through the perception of sounds and noise, a new space opens up where the deficits and symptoms experienced in the child’s life are no longer the main focus. This form of therapy often brings a smile to the faces even of very sick children. The whole family is welcome to join in the music making.

Animal therapy

Odin is a golden retriever, has endless patience, is very relaxed and gentle around children. As a specially trained therapy dog, he is accompanied by his trainer and offers a number of different opportunities for play that relieve tensions and create happy experiences. Just one example of how tensions can be relieved and happy moments created through contact with (our) animals.


Finding new strength every day, demanding discipline from oneself and living for others. How can I deal with doubt, anger, fear and grief? How can I recognize my needs and make sure they are met? These are just a few of the questions that our psychologists are familiar with and can help you address with a view to finding solutions and with the background of their special experience.



The memory is a window through which I can see you whenever I want.

Memory café

“The memory lives on in us and that is beautiful” – This sentence is the guiding principle for our annual memory café. We are always pleased to see families who we have helped again at this event and to spend a contemplative afternoon with them. We invite parents, family members and siblings to join us for coffee and cake, so that we can remember together and exchange memories. Childcare is always available.

Grief counseling

There are no rules for grief and people who are grieving are not sick. Many people feel that they have been thrown off course. They describe a painful nothingness and experience a sense of colorlessness or even meaninglessness in their everyday life. There are many reasons for grief. Get in touch! We will inform you about seeking professional help, psychological support or about discussion groups on an objective and neutral basis.

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